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An attack in every country means the denial of action, which leads to an unauthorized system, denial of service. Defensive activity is considered a criminal and suspicious ethical behavior in order to warn the administrator of a server that is in the midst of defiance about the vulnerability. 1nj3ctor accepts your notifications, but does not support, disallow, or justify any destructive activity. Instead, we expect you to stop this kind of activity, otherwise you may face the same bad names as some of the bad names that were arrested and imprisoned.

If you have any problems or want help or advice to convince you of the above issues, do not hesitate to contact the 1nj3ctor contact page.

Disclaimer: All information contained in the 1nj3ctor cybercriminals archive is either collected online from public sources or directly anonymously reported to us. 1nj3ctor is not responsible for reported computer offenses and does not participate directly or indirectly in them. You can find annoying content on the reflected new information. 1nj3ctor does not produce them, so we can not be responsible for such content.

If an attacked site is an administrator, 1nj3ctor is reflected, please note that 1nj3ctor is not related to any corruption.

The task of 1nj3ctor, a cyber crime archive, is to keep entries in the database, because we do not want to remove the mirror of our modified website.

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1nj3ctor is not responsible for abuse of published information, it is your own responsibility.

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